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Margaret 26th Sep 2021 Assisted Living Coordinator


I absolutely love this program, my residents have used the finish the song title and have begun singing the songs. There are to many to list of all the ideas that you have to share.
We started the Life story template and have had a lot of fun with this. Thanks
Margaret 16th Jul 2021 Assisted Living Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: August - 2nd Edition

My resident love this day in history, and the different stories. I also like reading to those who cannot see enough to do it on their own. They also love the newsletter that I have started with your template. Should have done this sooner. Love this program. Thanks
Margaret 24th Jan 2021 Assisted Living Coordinator

Short Story: The Birth of QANTAS

My residents love the short stories, sometimes i just read them to them and then they actually come up with their own stories, and the jokes are really funny to them, especially the tongue twisters, we have fun with that one.