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Pamela 3rd Jun 2022 RN

Platinum Jubilee Singers Picture Quiz

Oh, This was a hit with my TRIVIA group ! The newer songs and artists was a little tuff but they enjoyed listening.
Guessing was fun for all and I would give hints of the artist initials if needed.

Thank you so much!!
I look forward to viewing what is new or something I haven't used in a while.

The Group enjoyed the armchair travel, I 've done four countries so far and plan to do Norway next week.
Pamela 13th Apr 2022 RN

Armchair Travel to Ukraine

I recently used the Ukraine armchair travel and the participants enjoyed it very much!
I played a few videos of the music and dance. Very colorful.
I routinely use the This Day in History and something else for my trivia, with the music #1 hits in history I usually play about 60 seconds worth of the music. The feedback is usually great with information about concerts someone attended or what was happening at that time .

Sometimes I fill in my own, this day in history : today I added 1981 NASA launched the 1st space shuttle Columbia which was designed to orbit the Earth.

Thank you, Pam
Pamela 28th May 2021 RN

Armchair Travel to Hawaii

My residents really enjoyed the Hawaii experience and offered a lot of their own experience's .
I played the Over the rainbow on ukulele and they requested to hear DON Ho's Tiny bubbles.
I showed picture of the USS Arizona memorial.

I will most likely be doing more of the Arm chair Travel.

I would like to see more of the United States also.

Thank you, Pamela Santellano
Pamela 22nd Aug 2020 RN


Would like to see some music trivia from 1960's and 70's . to share with male population with dementia. Mild cognitive issues.