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Helen 30th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi Emma,
We used to have regular visits to the Hospice from Pets As Therapy (PAT) dogs. They were pre-approved, trained and insured etc. Maybe something to look into or ask for advice.
I know it's a little more involved, but I think both you and the dog need to be trained in infection control, behaviour, safe guarding etc. Also a DBS and insurance will be required in the UK.
hope this helps.
Helen 30th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator


I want to make an activities survey for my residents. There are primarily with us because of age, rather than illness as we are Residential not Nursing and only 18 bedded.

Do any of you have a template or can suggest a format for my survey?
I've got writers block I think!

Thank you in advance.
Helen 24th Apr 2021 Activities Coordinator

10 Activities to Celebrate VE Day in Lockdown

Does anyone know where I can source some old war time posters ready for VE Day? I'm looking for land army, careless talk, coughs and sneezes, that kind of thing.