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About Teresa: A great life only comes when you give of yourself with a full purpose of heart for those within your reach. Choose wisely.

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Teresa 1st May 2021 Activites

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi all, are there any posters available to print 11 X 17 for special days each month?
Teresa 28th Mar 2021 Activites

8 Activities for World Migratory Bird Day

I appreciate how accessable everything is to create worthwhile, mind opening, engaging absolutly wonderful activites for our friends. Our calendars are over flowing with so much variety their is something for everyone, everyday. Thank you so much for helping me to create days that always bring something for everyone to look forward to. They are engaged, active, laughing and living life to it's fullest because of you their are endless possibilities.
Teresa 24th Oct 2020 Activites

Life in Lockdown Poems

Love the poems, timely and a message we all need to be reminded of! I enlarged the print and sharing them with everyone this weekend.

Thank you so much for sharing.
Teresa 18th Oct 2020 Activites

This Land is Our Land Display Board

Over the top wonderful in so many ways. Everyone has a story to share regarding where they are from, cultural highlights and all the memories that will come out with this activity! Thank you Jill ; )
Teresa 18th Oct 2020 Activites

Initials Whiteboard Quiz

Hello everyone :) I am new to your community have just begun to get familiar with all Golden Carers has to offer. Thank you to everyone that has contributed and I hope to come up with a new idea to share soon too. Your ideas are brilliant and has helped to open my mind up to possibilities that I had not considered before.