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Seniors Day Program From Ontario, Canada

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Memories+ 23rd Dec 2022 Seniors Day Program

End of Year Message 2023

I don't think I could do my job as well as I do without the materials this site provides. Such an invaluable resource. Thank you for improving our year here at Memories+ Group!!
Memories+ 9th Dec 2022 Seniors Day Program


Why isn't Hangman an option for Quizzes anymore? My members enjoyed guessing the letters, and I find that some games are better in that format, rather than simply clicking to the next answer on Slideshow format.
Memories+ 18th Mar 2022 Seniors Day Program

Movies for St Patrick’s Day

Just a heads up, there are some mature themes in The Quiet Man, for people who are sensitive to themes concerning sex and violence.
Memories+ 1st Apr 2021 Seniors Day Program

Brand Names and Slogans Quiz 2

Thank you for putting up a Canadian tribute.