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Claire 21st May 2022 Activities Coordinator

Typical British words and phrases

I'm English through and through. My family were all cockneys. Not me though, I was born in Camebridge because my family were running a pub/resturant there.

Just so you know..
a tenner is actually £10...(the clue is in the question) as in a fiver is £5. BTW we don't say twentyer :D

other monetry terms are
a pony... £25
a monkey... £500
bread and honey
bangers and mash
penny pincher...tight with their money.

oh and spend a penny ??.... nope! it's not that!'s to have a wee.
I Love England... we're so weird lol... waves imaginary patriotic flag
Claire 24th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator


That is a good idea. xx
Claire 4th Dec 2021 Activities Coordinator


You're welcome. xx
Claire 14th Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator


Hi All,
For all the UK Royal Family Lovers .
You will know (and be very excited about if you're anything like me, any excuse for a party :D) that in June 2022 Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, Seventy Years of service.
There are many great plans in the making for the celebrations.
An extended bank holiday has been granted from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June.
Communities all over the UK will have their celebratory juices over flowing during this time.
One such age old tradition is the lighting of Beacons, which will illuminate the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and UK Overseas Territories.
For the first time, beacons will also be lit in each Capital City of the Commonwealth countries. What an amazing sight it will be.
So I'm asking you all to share your ideas for THE MOST AMAZING time a care home can have, given all our limits with budget, you being the only events organizer in sight when something needs doing and all your usual go to entertainers are already booked out in other community events.( that isn't actually how it is yet but you get the idea) I want something Super Special.
Share away Team GC'S xx
Claire 24th Oct 2021 Activities Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: December

Than kyou so much for these. Every day after our exercises i read out of our Everyday happiness book and read the days page of On This Day In History. Everyone looks forward to hearing about the past and great conversations arise from this.
Thank Goodness for Golden Carers. xx
Claire 7th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator

Guess the Animal Crossword

Hi, We had a go at this crossword, not realizing until after i had printed it that it was Australian related. Anyway we did our best, and actually got on quite well. Only one thing, isn't the spiny animal an ACHIDNA ? I think it's spelt wrong on the crossword. I hate picking faults. Sorry, don't want to offend the person that made the crossword.