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Matthew 6th Jul 2021 Activities Assistant

Armchair Travel to Japan

Thank you for this session plan- I will be using it tomorrow!!

It may also be worth downloading an app or finding a website that will teach some basic Japanese words and how to pronounce them. :)
Matthew 30th Mar 2021 Activities Assistant



I have started a singing group with residents and they enjoy it a lot.

I have an account with Spotify (Apple Music or YouTube would also be sufficient) and I play songs over a bluetooth speaker. I prepare lyric sheets (just search Google for the lyrics) and print them off for residents so they can sing along if they do not know the song.

Alternatively there are some great compilation albums on CD with you can buy from Amazon etc., with different styles of music, and play these on an ordinary CD player and prepare lyric sheets etc.

Also, if you check YouTube there are loads of videos with music and lyrics that you could play for residents. This would depend on having a smart TV or a laptop you can link up to a TV with an HDMI cable.

Something I have found helpful is having a theme each week, such as country music, musicals, 60's, 70's, etc.

I also have in mind to get some basic instruments for residents to use.

Hope that helps.
Matthew 10th Feb 2021 Activities Assistant

Armchair Travel to France

Thank you for the detailed session plan - it definitely beats just showing a travel documentary!