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Katy 26th Apr 2023 OTA/PTA


Advertise as much as you can! In Canada, local highschool students need to have a certain amount of hours of volunteer work to graduate you could get your local schools involved. Set up a facebook group to show what you are doing and put adds out for volunteers. We use ads in our local paper, our local community facebook groups, posters with rip away numbers on community boards (post office, supermarket, unemployment office etc.) . I have found that the more volunteers you have involved, the community tends to take notice more and are wanting to get involved in the fun.

Bigger companies will help with donations of trasport to and from activities because it offers them a bit of a tax write off. Local nurseries will tend to donate plants if you ask. Big chain stores might be willing to donate perenial plants near the end of the season (they might not be in good shape when you get them but when you plant and take care of them they look amazing the next season). Offer advertisement on your facebook page to smaller bakeries and flower shops in exchange for birthday cakes and arrangements.

Your local library will be a good resource for scouting volunteers. As daunting as the task is, getting on the phone or visiting local businesses in person and letting them know your program has been reinstated and you're looking for community support is the best way to get them involved.

Ask your Residents and their family members. For things like being able to spend the day at their old job, ask them they may still have contacts that could help. Send out a poll to the Residents on what type of outings they would enjoy to streamline your efforts.

I hope this helps a little! :)

It's the best job you could possibly have, I hope you have soo much fun!

Katy 7th Apr 2021 OTA/PTA


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