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Julianne 28th Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

International Women’s Day Matching Quiz

Hi Wendy
this a fantastic idea Thank you im going to run with this also
hope your doing well
Julianne 21st Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

Fantastic idea Shantell, I have made one also using a hot glue gun to trace over the numbers which makes them raised. I like the idea of it being on a board with edges.thanks :)
Julianne 21st Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi I am also in WA Bunbury and looking get the pen pals going in my center
Any sugestions on how to approach the subject with residents, unfortunately there has been many changes in the facility over the past 2 years and the residents have become a bit hesitant to try new things. Ive just taken over as coordinator and trying to re establish the things that they used to love as well as some new ides