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Pam 4th Feb 2023 Activity Director


We have used a cooler when serving ice cream down the halls in our facility.
Pam 22nd Dec 2021 Activity Director


Debbye we did the left and right game it took a few tries for some of the residents to understand but after all of them figured it out they loved it.
Our facility is called Tishomingo Community Living Center. We play TCLC says, it is like the TV show America Says. I make up the questions, ask staff to provide answers, and then ask residents to match what the staff says. We have sing-a-longs, I can not carry a tune but I will sing with them. We do cornhole tournaments, we will celebrate different national days, and we do a crafters corner. We did a egg roll tournament during Easter and the resident loved it, now it is added most every month. There are months we do a science project.
Pam 30th Jun 2021 Activity Director


I have looked up ideas for a snoezelen room. Any ideas of how to purchase lamps such as bubble or lava on a budget? Also any suggestions on how to get one set up? Any thing will help.