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Virginia 13th Jun 2021 Assistance In Nursing

How to write Progress Notes

I would like to asked a favour how to write progress notes , as a second language its hard for me to put the right sentence , after all hard work for all practical activities i have provided to the residents for day and my brain gone blank what to put into the progress note . thx
Virginia 13th Jun 2021 Assistance In Nursing

Pipe Ball Game

This is really good Idea on the resident sitting on the care chair to engage then into activities . the resident who is bored walking around , I will asked to my husband to cut them and then the resident will paint them . thx for the Idea.
Virginia 2nd May 2021 Assistance In Nursing


Hi just wanted to get some ideas for activity plan for my homework base on 8 residents as an example . Do you think snakes and ladders mat is good enough to demonstration ?