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Tonia 19th Nov 2021 Lifestyle


hi there, firstly you need to work why are they not coming? are you talking about on an individual level or as a group in general?
Why would they come to a group activity? is it of interest to them? do they prefer to be on their own? have they been a social butterfly or a loner? Are they are a quiet person or a social person. Are they not coming to group activities because they are depressed.
Secondly once you have that information you can work out who wants to do group activities and who doesn't.
Thirdly, once you have that information: what the group activities are is it of common interest? is the group activity itself no longer of interest ? time to change it out and do something different, make it more exciting.?
Find out what interests the residents as a group, and what they would like to be doing? Ask them, its the best way to go. Then they are happy. you are happy. management are happy.
If you are feeling pressure from management to have more group activities or more attending your group activities then you will be armed with the knowledge you have acquired from above to speak up for the residents. Unfortunately i know not all managers care about that and just want it to look good or please families and so forth.
however the activities are for your residents, not management or even families. 9 times out of 10 when someone says..oh so and so wants to go to all the activities.. it tells me that they probably have no interest in doing anything and is why family etc are pushing for them to go.
and more often than not, its the relationship and trust that you build up with a resident that will determine if they will go to activities aside from the interest they have.
If people don't want to go to group activities then work out an individualized plan. Could be with a volunteer? or even a family member? something they can do together. a ministers visit or even just a sit out in the garden for 15 mins with you.
And lastly, cover your butt! write it in the progress notes or keep your own.
Gather a life history and keep it on hand. Its a life saver!
Tonia 12th May 2021 Lifestyle


an old thread....however wanted to share...look up Bearclaw...on youtube. seniors exercise music. i have been using it for years now. Great beat...make up your own routine. i typically only use 4 different movements and repeat or they get lost within it...:-) my residents love it.
have fun!
Tonia 22nd Mar 2021 Lifestyle

Spring Bunny Topiary

I think those topiary bunnies look perfect just as they are. thanks for sharing :-)