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Melanie 26th Mar 2021 Music Therapist

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

Thank you Shelley. As someone who went to college, interned, and took boards to earn the credentials of MT-BC, it is nice to see someone else agree that it is not in fact music therapy unless you have been specifically trained as a music therapist and earned the credentials. I also have higher education like someone else mentioned and sometimes at my employment I am required to do case management/social work type work on the job, but I would never call what I do social work because I did not earn that title. If one is using canned music due to having a music background, the group can be referred to as "creative therapy". Just like I cannot claim to be a psychologist or something outside of my field, it would be nice if music therapy received the same respect. We work hard to earn that degree. I even went for further training to earn the credentials NMT (Neurological Music Therapist). In my music therapy groups, I don't just play canned music. I use my training to meet non-musical therapeutic goals for treatment by incorporating music as a medium in that individual or group session. Not trying to be rude, just advocating for what I do.