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King Island 10th Jul 2022 ADC

Logo Quiz (UK Brands)


Yes please I’d like some answers. Some I have been able to google but some i just can't find the answers for.

Susan (King Island Day Centre)
King Island 24th Apr 2022 ADC


Hi Wendy,

You could get a tools magazine and see how many of the tools the guys can recognise and ask them if they have ever used those tools and how they work and describe how they feel/sound when they are being used such as vibration or loud screeching.

I used to work for our local neighbourhood house that has a Men's Shed attached to it. They would receive via email a newsletter called The Shedder - It's from the Australian Men's Shed Association you can sign up for it and if memory served me right it comes out every 3 months.
King Island 24th Apr 2022 ADC


Hi Rosemarie,

I don't know if the family has been big on taking photos or if they have photos of themselves in their youth. You could try scrapbooking with them and from that discussions of feelings etc and reminiscent therapy from there. Just an idea. With my Day Centre clients we take drives and they tell stories about who use to live in this place and what were they were like when they were younger places they have lived and the memories they had there also the places they have worked. Again just an idea.