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About Netta: Hello! My name is Netta, I am 51 years old, I am an Activity Director for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Florida and I LOVE my job! Thank you so very much for these resources on this website! I incorporate something every month on our calendar from here. I also use the resources for developing care plans. I have been in my position for almost 1 year and the amount of knowledge I have gained through the care plan information on this site is truly a blessing! Thank you again! Well worth the yearly subscription!! :)

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Netta 1st May 2021 Activity Director


Hello everyone!! I am happy to be here! I have visited many sites and this one is by far the most informational! I am an Activity Director for one on the State Veterans Homes in Florida and I LOVE my "job". I use quotations because I do not consider what I do a job, it is my passion.