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Cheryl 21st Jul 2021 Activities Assistant

Quality Improvement Action Plan Template

Thank you this is very helpful!
Cheryl 18th May 2021 Activities Assistant

How to get started with Aromatherapy for Seniors

Yes, there are contraindications and there are three things that should be done:
1) Check each E.O. for contraindications with each resident's meds.
2)Know the E.O. effects thoroughly.
3) Check allergy to the blend (not the E.O. neat) on the inside of the elbow.

There is no one E.O. fits all but typically the safest is Lavender(Lavandula angustifolia), not Lavendin ( Lavandula intermedia). The first has the most medicinal constituents (ie relaxation) whereas Lavandin is actually a stimulant.