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Robert 30th Jul 2021 Retired

Your Department's Role in End of Life Support

Apologies, I hadn't noticed the two replies. Kind of you both to show interest.
I suspect some may view it as an antagonistic question , but nothing could be further from the truth. I am a confessing Christian and of course have my own view. I am also the Secretary of a small charity overseeing the welfare of some seventy elderly residents in an Extra Care Scheme. I obviously have my own understanding to the subject, but I simply seek the other point of view in an effort to bring comfort to those why present the question to me. Thanks again for your replies. so kind of you.
Every blessing,
Robert 8th Jun 2021 Retired

Your Department's Role in End of Life Support

1. How many elderly enquire as to what happens to them after their life has ended?
2. If and when they do enquire, what explanation is given to them?
Robert 25th May 2021 Retired


Is there more than one newsletter template available on site?
I'm looking for an easy to add text to newsletter for our care home.
Not too many colours as I print it myself for the residents.
Many thanks,
Bob Park.