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Activities Director From South Carolina, United States

About Jennie: Activities Director for a SNF, ALF, and Rehabilitation Facility.
Honored to deeply know many individuals and add to their quality of life. Socially, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically... As a whole. Person Centered.
"Do unto others as you would have done unto you."

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Jennie 16th Jul 2021 Activities Director


I think it would do us all some good to remember that since they are still coming out of a horrible and isolated year, that gradual should be a new goal. Sometimes, when we become "stagnant" for whatever reason that may be, coming back into social life is more tricky to say the least. What they have been through with the isolation and not being able to see their loved ones, is just something I care deeply about. I try to imagine myself in those shoes almost every day and that even becomes unbearable. After a long period of time of fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety, grieving the "old routines", seeing so many changes with all departments, etc... I wouldn't even expect them to come out with guns blazing! I have many that I have given myself and them a goal to work gradually towards out of room programs. Remember, you don't have to focus so hard on being the best or really going extravagant with this department at times, many group/social things really matter more towards marketing. Not that it isn't important to the social birds of course! But, we are to strive to know everyone individually, their whole selves, before their current lives and their current life. Their disease process and levels of function. We always educate on all of those, so we can offer the best quality of life for them that we can give them. Trust me, making sure you are having 1:1's with residents is vital at this moment in time and state DOES pay attention to that. Right now, is the perfect time to do in room 1:1's with even higher functioning, more social residents AND your lower levels of function instead of 1:1's zoning in on the latter. They all have suffered greatly in more ways than normal in the past months. Give yourself some Grace, and give them time and patience, but bring your ideas in on those 1:1 talks or activities, you will begin to notice they will talk more and more about things they have enjoyed or would like to enjoy, and you can get a good general feel of your whole building and that will be the key to your calendar and participation. Also, educate always, read those links from this site in the other comment, read anything you can on specific ways to work with different illnesses/capabilities, you will always learn new things. It WILL get better. You were put their for a reason. Remember, if these human beings didn't have us, those of us paying for even sites like this to help us become better, who would they possibly have? I have faith in you and I know without a doubt it will pick up. If your other departments or Administrator only zone in on groups or socials, you remind them of what I said about this year and how gradual is best for MANY residents. And you want your facility/company to not only strive for social activity and great events, but to be known for providing outstanding care for each individual person. You got this! ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME!