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Darlene 4th Nov 2022 Activities Director

Peanut Auction

I love the idea of this activity and have tried it a couple of times. Our problem is that we will have several people raising their hand for the maximum bid. I end up having to put their names in a hat to draw a winner. It becomes a raffle. How can I prevent this from happening?
Darlene 23rd Aug 2022 Activities Director

Indoor Bocce Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Indoor Bocce
Darlene 27th Oct 2021 Activities Director

Halloween Bingo

This looks like a great game. Let me get this right call the cards until someone gets 4 in a row either across, down or diagonally. Is this correct? I will probably have about 25 players. How long do you think this game will last with that many players? Just trying to fill my time accordingly. Thanks for all the great ideas!
Darlene 1st Jul 2021 Activities Director


I'm new to this website and have found it so helpful. I love the printable calendars with the decorative backgrounds. I would like to edit the daily text and I can do that on my computer but I need to change the size of the font and I can't seem to find anywhere to do that. Can anyone help? Thanks
Darlene 1st Jul 2021 Activities Director

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi! New to this site. I'm trying to create a monthly calendar and would like to change the font to fit more into each block. How can I do this? Does it matter that I don't have Word? I am on an Apple laptop.