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Robin 28th Aug 2021 Activity Director

How to Run Successful Resident Council Meetings

any tips on what to do when your resident council tries to take control of all aspects of the building?
Robin 23rd Aug 2021 Activity Director

Tongue Twisters

I have created my own tongue twisters about my residents- in Memory care....
I have them brainstorm alliteration words- using their first name, then we add in rhyming words, then I pick and choose which words I want to make a fun tongue twister/ story.... I don't remember all of them anymore but something like:

'Mean momma Margaret had a mountain of money. She paid her mean minion monkeys to monitor her mountain'

Mary, Mary Quite Contary couldn't decide who to marry. should she marry Harry, Barry or Larry? She couldn't marry Larry, he was too hairy. she couldn't marry Barry. He was too full of hot air-y. I guess she'll have to marry Harry."