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Activities Assistant From Victoria, Australia

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Rosita 24th Jan 2023 Activities Assistant

Tabletop Games Bingo

Once again wonderful games that really are enjoyed by all residents who respond so well when I tell them that we will be having a quiz hour.
Rosita 1st Nov 2022 Activities Assistant

Melbourne Cup Bingo

The variety of Bingo's my residents have been able to play has been just wonderful, every month we have a different one and there are no complaints about playing these forms of Bingo.
Rosita 26th Aug 2022 Activities Assistant

EKKA Bingo

The residents have a "special" Bingo every month and really enjoy them, there are so many it can be difficult to chose which one, but we love them all.
Rosita 16th Jul 2022 Activities Assistant

17 Snippets of Spanish Trivia

Arm chair travel is made even more interesting with the items I can down load from you. The residents are always delighted with the information and posters that are displayed and the invitation to travel extended to them.
Rosita 16th Jun 2022 Activities Assistant

Sandwich Day Quiz

The residents in the nursing home where I work really enjoy the different quiz which is presented to them each day. I thank you for some really notable ones and my residents are always ready for even more.
Rosita 31st May 2022 Activities Assistant

Finish the Analogies Quiz

With limited time to develop many activities I have once again found so much help with the activities I can down load and are enjoyed so much by the residents, it is wonderful.
Rosita 3rd Apr 2022 Activities Assistant

The Green Quiz

The residents love the days when we have quiz sessions and thanks to Golden Carers we should never run out of questions for them to answer, thank you.
Rosita 12th Feb 2022 Activities Assistant

Pot of Gold Craft

I am delighted with the range of activities that I can take to the residents. None have been a failure and the residents have a vast choice of what they wish to undertake.
Rosita 17th Jan 2022 Activities Assistant

Air Dry Clay Scentables

There are so many activities available with outcomes that please the residents in my care.
They look forward to what each day will bring with anticipation and expectation and are never disappointed. Thank you so much.
Rosita 30th Oct 2021 Activities Assistant

Animal Families Quiz

Thank you for the marvellous ideas and instructions which I use every day to bring a smile and a laugh to the residents of the nursing home where I work.