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Activities Assistant From Victoria, Australia

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Rosita 17th Jan 2022 Activities Assistant

Air Dry Clay Scentables

There are so many activities available with outcomes that please the residents in my care.
They look forward to what each day will bring with anticipation and expectation and are never disappointed. Thank you so much.
Rosita 30th Oct 2021 Activities Assistant

Animal Families Quiz

Thank you for the marvellous ideas and instructions which I use every day to bring a smile and a laugh to the residents of the nursing home where I work.
Rosita 24th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant

Beer & Skittles Games for Father's Day

Thank you for the information I download and use. The activity sessions are filled with laughter and good interaction within the group.
Rosita 16th Aug 2021 Activities Assistant

Join the Dots - Lion

My residents enjoy the many quiz questions that I have obtained for their activities.