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Mariann 8th Oct 2021 Director Of Activities

Lotto 649 Game

I can't wait to try out this game with my Residents. They are going to have a blast. They LOVE to gamble (pennies) lol and our home is run by the Little Sisters of the Poor :)
Mariann 18th Sep 2021 Director Of Activities

Bunker Bingo

I love this idea and can't wait to try it with my residents. Thank you !!
Mariann 27th Aug 2021 Director Of Activities

Sit & See Observation Bus Outing

Great Idea! Especially now with the pandemic we have to keep our residents away from people outside of our home. We have our own bus so they are going to love this. Thank you..
Mariann 27th Aug 2021 Director Of Activities

Roll It, Play It

Awesome!! Thank you