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Recreation Programmer From Nova Scotia, Canada

About Nathalie: I am a Recreation Programmer in a small long term care facility, in rural Nova Scotia Canada.
Also an accomplished music and voice instructor, I often bring my music skills to organize events and 1/1 music connection with residents.

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Nathalie 12th Apr 2022 Recreation Programmer


Six months ago, I created a Men's Club that is now part of my calendar once a month. I found it very important to know what they used to do for living and their hobbies whether it was playing sports/fishing/building etc...
I also ask the kitchen to bake squares to be offered during the program and we play mini golf, bowling and electronic dartboard, the program lasts about an hour. It's a small group of men but they enjoy catching up on current news with each other, while enjoying snacks and playing games. ;)
Nathalie 30th Nov 2021 Recreation Programmer

Gelli Plate Prints

Thank you for sharing this activity! I also have never seen this before. I look forward setting this up for the residents to have fun and be as creative as they want! ;))
Nathalie 12th Nov 2021 Recreation Programmer


I came across your site one day as I was looking for trivia games to host for my residents. I'm now a proud member of Golden Carers and I come and look at the site several times/week always finding great ideas and programs that my residents really enjoy. So many valuable resources of all types! It makes me happy to know that I am part of one great big world team of Activity Directors, Therapists, Programmers and others! Thank you/Merci! ;)