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Nursing Manager From Gauteng, South Africa

About Annatjie: I am the Nursing manager and General manager at this Retirement Village. I used to be a member, but I think my membership had expired

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Annatjie 27th Sep 2022 Nursing Manager

Newsletter Template - November 2022

Thank you to Golden Carers for the brand-new calendar with so much to participate in! Our Residents should not have a dull moment. Love Annatjie
Annatjie 26th Apr 2022 Nursing Manager


What an amazing site with so many activities to stimulate our elderly people and to make them enjoy the togetherness of everything you offer as activities. I am from South Africa, Johannesburg and being part of such a huge "population" of carers having the same Purpose in mind, is a huge priviledge to me! I am the Nursing Manager of a Retirement home and keep on encouraging my residents to participate in this journey made possible by you. Thank you, you are such an nspiration!

Love and good wishes, Annatjie
Annatjie 28th Dec 2021 Nursing Manager

Newsletter Template - February 2023

I am so pleased to be part of this wonderful Golden group again. Prosperous 2022 from South Africa, may we all be full of new ideas and motivation!