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Amy 8th Nov 2023 Activities Director


Hi Maria!
What I do is once I have chosen the design and other specifications, I download it and then I can fill it in and print it off. The video tutorial was very helpful for me. Good luck!
Amy 1st Jun 2023 Activities Director


We use individual laminated Bingo cards for the residents and a Bingo App on our phones that generates the numbers to call. We use plastic Bingo chips and have a cart with small prizes for the winners. It is a huge deal here. They love Bingo here!
Karen 12th Oct 2022 Activities Director

How to Start a Pen Pal Program for Seniors

I am an Activities Director for an independent and assisted living facility on the coast of Maine. We would be interested in starting a pen pal program with a facility in another country perhaps...though not opposed to another state here in the US. Would love to chat with anyone else interested.
Karen 18th Mar 2022 Activities Director


Sometimes it is the simplest things that get the best results. Just for fun yesterday we all wore name tags with our Leprechaun names. (generated from the attached list found on FB) The residents loved it and got a huge kick out of seeing all the silly names.
Karen 18th Mar 2022 Activities Director


I did a St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt with Google photos of famous places in Ireland. Very similar to the Mardi Gras scavenger hunt on this site. Both were huge hits with my residents! Love the idea of using old calendars...will keep that in mind for rainy day activities this spring and summer. Thank you!
Karen 27th Oct 2021 Activities Director


I pay the YMCA, but it's a very reasonable fee paid monthly.
I also recently hired a chair yoga instructor, she was slated to start in March of 2020, but obviously with Covid that never happened. She will now be starting in November once per week, again I pay her, but also very reasonable.

Our exercise program is very well received and most classes are usually full.
Karen 26th Oct 2021 Activities Director


I use a trainer from our Local YMCA. He comes twice a week and does a seated exercise class that he tailors to the individuals needs. It's highly popular amongst our residents. The class is nearly always filled to capacity. We are an independent and assisted living facility. I've had 100 years olds taking this class.