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Wyndley Grange 29th Apr 2023 Activities

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Dancing
Wyndley 1st Mar 2023 Activities


Hi Gwyneth

yes I have saved a lot of the Welsh activities and will certainly be using them thank you for your contributions. I just thought since there are four countries in the united kingdom then Wales should be included.

Wales is a beautiful country and well worth to be included in the armchair travel.
Wyndley 28th Feb 2023 Activities


Hi. Are you intending to do an armchair travel to Wales. You have England Ireland and Scotland but no Wales, this would be a good activity for St David's Day
Wyndley 30th Jan 2023 Activities

I Love You in different languages

I was really stuck for ideas for Valentines day activities. Not any more! Thank you.
Wyndley 15th Jul 2022 Activities

14 Men's Club Activity Ideas

We recently started a Gentlemen's club and at one meeting the theme was Pub games where we saw the competative side of some residents but also the compassion of some residents too.

It is through your website that I get ideas for activities and staff are especially amazed with all the national/international celebration days that they haven't heard about.

Thank you for helping to make my Job enjoyable.