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About Linda: Although assisted living may not be the first choice of those entering the autumn of their lives, the passing of years can be accompanied by physical challenges, necessitating the need for lifestyle adjustments. It is our philosophy that, while lifestyle modification is often unavoidable, it need not be extreme or unpleasant. Vintage Hill, which was established as a labor of love (Matthew 22:37-40), will represent our on-going effort to "support elders in the preservation of their dignity" while providing them with assistance in their day-to-day activities.

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Linda 22nd Sep 2023 Caregiver


We have been utilizing Golden Cares for several years now, and we honestly can't (and don't want to) remember life before stumbling upon your site. We believe our residents' lives have been enriched due to a diverse and exciting activity regime, much to do with your priceless resource(s). Thank you for helping us to care for our seasoned citizens. :)
Linda 28th Apr 2022 Caregiver


Linda 26th Apr 2022 Caregiver


I co-own and operate a small assisted living home in Pittsfield, NH (U.S.A.). We consistently seek ways to improve upon our senior activity program, providing a diversified balance of a purposeful and enjoyable time of recreation, crafting, exercise and other to reach all of our residents. I must say, it's been a challenge. This past October I began researching options on line and came across your site, subscribing for a year to see what you were all about. Let me tell you, you have not disappointed! Your site is a priceless resource that we are extremely thankful for. We find a significant increase in resident participation and look forward to the new ideas that each month brings. Our residents love the changes!