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Pamela 8th Feb 2022 Activity Director


I requested staff to bring in pairs of socks that were crazy colors and patterns (and sizes from infants to adults). I have all these socks in a laundry basket and have had many happy hours when I dump them out on a table and either sort and match them one on one with a single resident or with a group of residents around the table. Its a great cognitive activity, life skill, and exercise for those arthritic fingers. Plus, it can be quite calming for someone on the verge of a melt down to focus on a simple task It's always a joy to hear the stories those infant socks bring forth from the memory banks!
Pamela 2nd Feb 2022 Activity Director


OK - so I'd like to start a discussion on supporting our residents in their right to vote in local, state and federal elections. I'll be surprised if there aren't others out there struggling with the same issues that I do. In my facility (and every one I've worked in during my 30+ year career), it falls on the Activity Dept. to assist residents who want to vote: to register to vote, complete requests for absentee/mail in ballots, and then assist them in completing and mailing the ballots in a timely manner. Here's the problem...competency. There do not appear to be any guidelines from our state DOH that help me qualify who is competent to vote. It makes me very uncomfortable that I'm expected to make that decision without any guidelines. I've struggled with this every year. Oh - and the other half of that coin - the families whose Mom or Dad is CLEARLY not competent but insist that you get them a ballot and "I'll help her fill it out - I'know how she would vote". Nooo - you are voting twice the way you want to vote - now that puts me in a position of supporting election fraud. How are you all dealing with these issues?