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Christina 18th Oct 2023 Retired DT


Once again Golden Carers has come to the rescue. I live in a retirement village and calling on my years as a Diversional Therapist I constantly use the Golden Carers for new ideas to run my group in the village. I especially love the Read Aloud Audience Participation activity and I always pick a very shy resident to take a part. It is amazing how much it brings them out of their shell. The quiz always helps keeps their minds active and gives them such a feeling of self worth when they get a correct answer.

Thank you for all the ideas.
Christina McDonald
Christina 3rd Jul 2023 Retired DT


Twice a month I run an activity session in our Retirement Village. I am just so glad that I used Golden Carers whilst working as a Diversional Therapist. You have so many amazing ideas to work with.

Thank you so much for being there for us.

Christina McDonald
Christina 13th Jan 2023 Retired DT


Thank you for all the wonderful activities each month you are all so clever and it makes our job so much easier.
Christina 6th Apr 2022 Retired DT


I am a retired Diversional Therapist but do we really retire uh uh. I now live in a retirement village and run a group for people who have lost their partners and have a tendency to stay away from activities as the majority of the village residents are couples. I saw a need to get these people out of their houses and it has been so much fun. Golden Carers is such a wonderful resource and one of the best is the Audience participation stories especially when I select a relatively shy person to be one of the characters. It is so much fun and brings out such confidence. I highly recommend this activity.
Christina 4th Apr 2022 Retired DT

BBC Reminiscence Archive

Wonderful rescource
Christina 23rd Feb 2022 Retired DT

Spot the Differences - Accident

Find the hidden objects is a great activity. I will be using it next Wednesday.
Christina 7th Dec 2021 Retired DT

Aussie 12 days of Christmas

Great idea. Love it.