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Leo 21st Mar 2022 Activity Co Ordinator


I have gotten into the habit of doing residents nails every Monday. This has surprisingly become a very useful way to start the week as you are able to spend a little bit of time with each resident. Some love getting their nails filed and painted and enjoy a bit of company for a while but for all residents, even those who don't want their nails done, I use it as an excuse to start a conversation. Having a good chat with each or most of the residents on a Monday means you can tell them about anything you ahve planned in the week, see their reaction to each activity they may enjoy and rememeber to give them a gentle push to come and join later in the week.

These little weekly conversations have given me a chance to see what different things people would be likely to come out of their rooms for or simply finding different things to do with them in their rooms.
Leo 17th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator

Spot the Differences Contest

These have gone down so well with my residents! Have you got anymore? I've run out already:)
Leo 27th Dec 2021 Activity Co Ordinator

Words in Words Game

The residents loved this new game! It went down so well and carers were helping the residents as well which was so nice to see. Thanks so much for the great ideas!
Leo 21st Dec 2021 Activity Co Ordinator

Spot the Differences Contest

Such a great activity! Something that someone can do on their own but also ask others for help with too. Been really good for those seniors that are hard of hearing or have difficulty talking.