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Oliver 14th Jan 2023


Question about interesting talks...

My residents have brought up a couple of times about being interested in attending interesting talks as an activity.

This suits me well, I like to share information, research etc.. but I don't have a lot of time to produce anything myself.

Does anyone run talks already? And if so, do you know of any resources of say powerpoints or anything on specific topics?

Oliver Neely 10th Jan 2023

Positive New Stories: Past Present & Future

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Positive Past Present and Future Stories
Oliver Neely 10th Jan 2023

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: 2023 - Year of the Rabbit Colour in (Simple)
Oliver 12th Aug 2022


Any recommendations for films for 80-95 age range (average) (UK - maybe not end of the world). On Amazon prime video, or YouTube?

Struggle to find any!
Oliver 12th Aug 2022

100 Movie Recommendations for Seniors

Any recommendations for movies available as part of Amazon prime!? Or YouTube even. Possibly can get Netflix again.

For average 80-95 age range,. Couple 60-70

It takes an age trying to find one that's available free. and that anyone agrees on.

Far better to choose one they've not seen, I wonder, and there's less opinion attached?

I want to start up a regular weekly movie slot (UK audience), it's not been. Something ive done much before. Have struggled with decision making, and finding them!
Oliver 25th Mar 2022


Thank you both for the advice.

Well 2 are pretty much bedbound. One no longer wishes to come down so often because of hip trouble, but shares a room with her husband. Four just like their own company, and one of those refutes to join in. Two of them can be coaxed. One is worried about a medical concern which needn’t be the biggest concern. A few vary in spending time in their rooms, depending on wellness mentally/physically.
Oliver 21st Mar 2022


Any advice on how you’d divide your time in this situation?

I am paid only 4 hours in afternoons. We have around 23 residents at the moment. Up until recently we had some new residents and some preferring now to spend time in their rooms.

So now the mix is almost 1/2, 1/2 of residents down in the communal lounge and in their rooms (sometimes their own choice but nevertheless everyone needs contact/stimulation).

How would you divide your time in a day/week to be fair to all?
Oliver 1st Mar 2022

Unscramble Word Search - Healthy Foods

Any idea where to find more of these? I have tried looking for a book, or website online but can't find any?
Oliver 1st Jan 2022


Does anyone have any advice on dividing afternoons only (4 hours) between different functioning residents?

I am an activity coordinator in a home with residents mostly without dementia or low level dementia. There is a couple that have higher needs, wander and are harder to engage.

The home has gotten busier recently as well. With many more residents and some that don’t like doing typical games, bingo, or puzzles etc.

The lounge is kind of split in half so it’s hard to do one activity with residents in both sides. Especially where the main television can’t be seen so easily from one side for certain activities.

A limited number spend time in their rooms and don’t come down to the lounge. The home has about 22 residents currently.