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Executive Director From New Jersey, United States

About Sarah: Presently I am the Executive Director of NJ Blind Citizens Association, Inc. located in Leonardo NJ. Using my work experience and other skills, I have been charged with rebirthing this amazing 113 year old agency that has been providing free services and programs to the blind and visually impaired since its creation by four blind male visionaries in 1910. We have expanded our services for referrals and resources state wide to include the blind, visually impaired, their family members, caregivers and community in need of assistance.
Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the blind and visually impaired through education, socialization and fostering an environment of hope and purpose.

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Sarah 19th Jul 2022 Executive Director


Thank you so much. I will look into your suggestions. They are greatly appreciated.
Hope you all have a great day!
Best regards,
Sarah 11th May 2022 Executive Director


Good afternoon everyone!

I am a new Executive Director of an association that has a day programming for blind and visually impaired men and women ages 51 - 96.

I have been hired to redesign this amazing agency that has been providing free services to the blind and visually impaired for the past 112 years. As I am new to working with the blind and visually impaired so I was wondering if anyone had any activities that we could use for the time they are here. They are a wonderful group of interesting, independent and fun loving people who live on their own.

Thank you! I really appreciate your support.