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Rev Joseph 27th Dec 2022 Chaplain

Famous Movie Quotes Quiz #3

These are great activities for elderly people. I m glad that I found this site.
Rev Joseph 27th Sep 2022 Chaplain

Shopping Bingo

Thank you Everyone that towards these activities of the elderly. They are very helpful and engaging. Blessings

Chaplain Rev Joseph
Rev Joseph 30th Mar 2022 Chaplain

The Benefits of Silence in Senior Care

Drawing from the Article : Silence as an Oasis,Stiver, Tanya, N.J. Enfield, P. Brown,, Universals and cultural variation in turn-taking in conversation, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 106, No. 26 ' Silent moments in therapy serve as an oasis from the chatter that fills most of our lives. Like an oasis, supportive silences can refresh, nurture and strengthen those around it. Because such spaces in conversation are outside usual human interactions, they can let something different happen. They are a powerful tool that we each need to develop thoughtfully and purposefully.' This explains how we get new revelations during our quiet moments. According to the scriptures , Jesus often withdrew himself from his followers to a solitary place to pray and to hear from God. At times we need allow silence to communicate with the service Users as long as we remain alert of their circumstances.