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Myrna 8th Aug 2023 Advocate

Famous Faces Quiz

I do a Memory Cafe and we are going to be doing a full 2 hours on Iceland. Love what we can download and folks are telling me they are looking forward to it.
Myrna 6th Jul 2023 Advocate

Field of Dreams Day

Have all men in our Memory Cafe and they love to do 'dot to dot' at the ability level that helps them succeed. We all love playing with the parachute. Singing, dancing and laughing as we enjoy this tool.

We spend some time using tools from this site - especially 'remember this' about activities in their youth.
Myrna 19th Apr 2023 Advocate

The Importance of Political Correctness in Senior Care

Have a look at 'flipping stigma' for hints and real audio and video to help caregivers, people living with dementia and health services