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Kim 6th Jul 2022 Activity Coordinator

16 Local History Activity Ideas to Engage Seniors

I have been doing a local history program now for over a year, We are very fortunate of where we live and the history of our town, Dayton Ohio. I tap into our library which has so much historical documents, pictures and information that is free to explore and research. We have our local historical park that is awesome to visit and offers so much online, too. I am lucky because my dad has also told me a lot of stories and information that I can then look into. We visit some of the places, at another time, to see for ourselves the old and the new or current way things are. The suggestions above are all good. My program is titled: Dayton History: Did You Know? It is one of my favorite activities because I learn more about my hometown and the impact it made on the world. Makes me proud!