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Gwen 18th Jan 2023 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Shopping List Bingo

This became our regular activities particularly with Demetia residents. I printed extra grocery items to cater for at least 10 to 14 residents . its good for visual, colour identifications and reminiscing their daily routines in the past. Overall, great resources massive thanks.
Gwen 23rd Dec 2022 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Guess the Silhouette Game

This is a great activity to enhance visual motor and also hand coordination skills. I laminated the coloured photos and silhouettes to re-use it. I designed it as a matching pictures from the silhouettes. Our residents loves it. Thank you for the idea.
Gwen 27th Sep 2022 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Rainbow Sensory 1:1 for Memory Care

The Rainbow Sensory is an amazing tool particularly for residents with Alzheimer's Disease. I laminated the dots page and re-use it as much as I wanted.
Most residents were so keen and enjoyed the activity. Great for one on one memory and visual task. Thank you for this idea.
Gwen 13th Aug 2022 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Family Matters Crossword

The simple crossword puzzle provide most residents a sense of confidence rather than a complicated one. It means that they can easily complete it and wanting more. The Family Matters crossword appears to have a sense of reminiscing component which activates names of family members that have long forgotten. Thank you for this templates and ideas.