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About Pam: GFI is a social enterprise providing services for people with long term conditions to enable them to live independently with choice and control over their lives.

With a particular interest and expertise in supporting people with sensory and physical impairments we also provide timely information about equipment and home adaptations and where relevant and appropriate link them with local services and Occupational Therapists.

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Pam 21st Nov 2023 Managing Director

8 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer in Nursing Homes

Golden Carers is absolutely fantastic - thank you so much - we work with Blind and visually impaired groups in the UK and many of your activities can be adapted for this client group.
Have a great Christmas!
Pam 1st Aug 2023 Managing Director


Maybe you could try a tasting session - make use of other senses - try the biscuit quiz with samples of them - they can bring back great memories for people!
Pam 13th Aug 2022 Managing Director


Activities for men which also appeal to women would be useful!
We took a small group to a community bakery ( but it was expensive) and they really loved it - including the men who enjoyed eating the chocolate chip cookies most!
Pam 13th Aug 2022 Managing Director


Hi everyone - I just want to say how much we appreciate this website and the wonderful activities on it and ideas for keeping us all active and engaged as we get older! I am 72 now and the MD of our organisation and wholly believe that we know what we like and what we want when we get older! I hope to be able to contribute some ideas as we get used to the site!