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Rosemarie 8th Feb 2023 Retired Volunteer

A Day at the Office Bingo

Yes I laminated my game and many others so that they can be used over and over again. I first mounted the individual pictures ( 16 per card) on card, out lined the pictures in a grid effect the laminated the whole card. I used the name of the bingo game eg. Royal Bingo, Film Star Bingo, Dog Bingo etc.. on the top of each card. I also bought some wax pencils that could be easily rubbed off at the end of the game. Hope this is helpful to you. The bingo games that I have made up so far are very much enjoyed. Thank you goldencarers.
Rosemarie 18th Jan 2023 Retired Volunteer

Give Me Five

Hi everyone
Just wanted to say that I am so pleased that I found you, I don’t work in a residential home but am a volunteer for our over 60’s lunch club in our village. I am the allocated driver for folks that can’t make their own way to the club, I help out anywhere I am needed. I am, also the nominated entertainment organiser which is where Golden Carers comes into the equation. You have given me so many ideas, the bingo games are just great and so are the quizzes. You have opened up for us such a lot of fun and laughter which is what it’s all about. I can highly recommend you to all residential and nursing homes, you offer such good help and advice. Thank you keep it coming,
Warmest regards to you all