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Tara 7th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment Manager

Hungry Hungry Residents

Fabulous - this is on next month's activity calendar!
Tara 25th Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Manager


Unfortunately there are only a select few residents who will/could initiate self directed group activity, in our long term care home. With that being said, colouring club is one big draw in for residents.
Tara 25th Aug 2023 Life Enrichment Manager


We offer popcorn from our vintage popcorn machine! In the summer, we might offer an ice cream sandwich as well. Having the meeting after an existing program works well for some residents they end up just staying once seeing everyone arriving, etc.
Tara 10th Apr 2023 Life Enrichment Manager

Market Day

The ‘Tuck Shop’ is open weekly at our home, for residents to purchase items of their choice.
We also provide a monthly ‘Gift Shop’ for more personalized requests :)
Tara 28th Jan 2023 Life Enrichment Manager


On You tube, search “Canada Road Trip: Road to 150.”
There are 6-10 minute videos highlighting each province and Territory.

Our program is called “Trekking Canada” and we do one province/territory per month.
Add a colouring page of the provincial flag, flower, animal, historical events based on chosen province, group crossword, etc. and you’ve got yourself a Canadian Program! So many ways to celebrate Canada
Tara 15th Dec 2022 Life Enrichment Manager

4 Cozy Drink Recipes

Planning a winter full of ‘fireside stories and warm cozy drinks!’
These recipes look wonderful, and sure to make the residency smell delicious