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About Sandy: I am an Activities Coordinator in a nursing home in Hampshire, UK

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Sandy Morwood 25th Apr 2023 Support Worker

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Milk Shakes
Sandy 11th Apr 2023 Support Worker


Hi, I would like some help with prize ideas,
I have a box of chocolates I take round when they have completed a wordsearch or winner from picture bingo or floor games.
Ladies are quite easy for prizes as I have given travel packs of tissues,
I have a couple of diabetic residents and also a couple with dysphagia, has anyone got ideas what I could give them?
Sandy 5th Mar 2023 Support Worker

Animal Bingo

I did my first picture bingo with my residents yesterday and it was a total success
Sandy 22nd Dec 2022 Support Worker

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

I’m LOVING Goldencarers for inspiration and ideas, I’ve been working in a nursing home for a month as an activities Co ordinator. An activities cart sounds a great idea, I have been using a wooden ‘activities tray’ with handles going from room to room, but keep having to go back to the activities room for different bits, so going to try the cart idea for the new year! Thank you for ideas!