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Gwen 10th Aug 2023 Activities Director


Thank you both for your great ideas! I appreciate it!
Gwen 14th Jul 2023 Activities Director


Hi there!
I am in a little bit of a struggle around my facility. I have a few physical activities such as chair yoga and a fit and fall proof class, but I don't have anyone but 1 or 2 residents who regularly show up. I don't mind that part, except that having them regularly scheduled gets in the way of some of the other activities I would like to plan that I know more residents would be interested in. I've tried hanging flyers, I've tried leaving notes in the dining room, and still only 1 or 2 residents show up each time.
Should I take off the physical activities that are not getting much attention, and replace them with something many residents would enjoy, or should I press on and continue working to gain more attendance? Sorry for the long post, but I thought this might be a good place to ask.
Thank you!