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Kimberly 12th Sep 2023 Recreation

Daily Orientation Board for Memory Care

I do something like this every morning with the date and temp and all that, and my residents fav part is that I put a "today in history" or a fun fact and then I add what todays national day is!
Kimberly 7th Aug 2023 Recreation


Hi everybody

I work on the memory care unit of a retirement home and I am learning Portuguese but it is a slow process. We have a lady who loves to read my daily newsletters that I make but she cant read the English and I dont know enough Portuguese to write her anything myself.

I am looking for a resource or something that does daily news (positive news) or just fun facts or something in portuguese so she has something to read as well when everybody else is reading my english newsletter.

I know very little and we cant have a real conversation yet so any happy daily portuguese things would be amazing to know about! I dont trust google translate to translate a whole article properly and I dont want to give her an article thats just gibberish

Thanks so much!