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Vanessa 9th Apr 2024 Activity Coordinator

Create your own Word Search!

I did know how easy it was going to be!First time to do this and it was brilliant!I created a UFO word search for one of our clients and he absolutely loved it!
Vanessa 15th Feb 2024 Activity Coordinator

Alphabet Letter Sequence Quiz

This was a brilliant quiz, it got everyone involved and thinking cups on. Well done.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa 17th Oct 2023 Activity Coordinator

All About Animals Quiz

Enjoyed the quiz very much! We have learned a few things today.
Thank you.
Vanessa 6th Sep 2023 Activity Coordinator

Alphabet Quiz #5

Our residents enjoyed the quiz , got a lot of answers for each question.
Thank you!
Vanessa 27th Jun 2023 Activity Coordinator


Just want to say thank you for the great ideas that you put together for us. It makes a huge difference to our lives and that of our residents. Love the quiz, the bingo etc. I am new here but the app is user friendly .
Keep up the good work.