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Annemarie 26th May 2024 Recreation Activity Assistant

Peacock Collage Group Project

Our residents really enjoyed this as a multi-media project. Some used paint, some used markers or pencil crayons to color, and some simply used stickers, and pretty much all of them added stickers at some point - once one started they all wanted to bling up their feathers! At first they didn't quite know what to expect from their own feathers but they sure loved the end result!
Annemarie 30th Mar 2024 Recreation Activity Assistant


The place where I work relies on another source for resources, but when I was a student last year I discovered this and soon realized what a great resource it is and bought myself a membership - I feel it has been well worth my money as I much prefer what I find here and the residents have enjoyed the activities that I've used from here (and there have been many!). Thank you all for the great ideas - it has made my first year as a recreation activity assistant so much easier and more enjoyable for all!
Annemarie 26th Sep 2023 Recreation Activity Assistant


Thank you for the suggestions in the list! Like Kelly, I have the same challenge. I am new to this world of recreation (have worked 3 months) and have put on 2 movie nights. There are many great movies out there. However, I don't typically watch many personally which adds to the challenge for me - but we are also limited in time to 90 minutes which REALLY cuts down on the good choices that are also wholesome! I have been able to find some movies available on YouTube or as well ( has a lot of classic tv shows too!), also Tubi or Pluto (but they seem to have commercials).