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Amber 14th Feb 2024 Activities Director

Hungry Hungry Residents

Soooo fun! We are definitely going to do this.
Amber 27th Jan 2024 Activities Director


Thank you Susan. Great ideas and reminders of ways to make our visits pleasant and meaningful. We are entering their homes when we cross that doorway. It's always privilege.
Amber 22nd Jan 2024 Activities Director


Hello all,

I cannot tell you how much this resource has meant to me. I am so grateful for everyone's compassion and creativity.
I would love thoughts on ideas for volunteers to engage with residents other than with an activity cart. I have a wonderful family that comes and sings with those who are room bound, as well as a family that visits the common areas with their favorite stories, poems or artwork. Both are hugely successful, but I always feel that I am not engaging enough with my room bound folks. I would love your feedback.
Amber 31st Oct 2023 Activities Director


Fruit pizza is wonderful as well. Base is a large flat sugar cookie for each resident. Then each resident spreads softened cream cheese, a layer of apricot jam, then their "pizza toppings" - thinly sliced fruit such as strawberries, kiwi, banana and blue berries. Very pretty and very tasty. I pre-cut all of the fruit ahead of time and offer coffee or tea while the residents enjoy eating their creations.