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Activities Coordinator From Queensland, Australia

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Angelina 24th Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator


I'd like to find out whether there is anyone working in this space that is from Retirement Living or Independent Living, as opposed to Aged Care? If so, I'd love to connect! Essentially, I am seeking to connect with peers who may be working in a similar space. What that looks like for me is that we have no care staff at our facilities, we don't provide meals, domestic assistance or nursing. For the most part, our residents only have a manager and may even have no staff actually based at their village. That being said, the age range, interests and even physical capabilities of our residents do not differ. Responding to that, (and with a village management background) I am here to provide an activities and wellness program for all. My goal is to plan & facilitate recreational programs and group activities that promote social connection, health & well-being. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I would absolutely love to connect!

Angelina 5th Nov 2023 Activities Coordinator

Activity Goals Presentation

Hi Amanda, I am also looking for KPI's and am designing my own Activities Program from scratch. Did you end up finding anything? I'm at the point now of needed to design my own reporting and evaluation for my program. It rolls out in 2024.