The Great Weekly Quiz-off

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

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We host a weekly quiz challenge and encourage staff and relatives to play along with residents and put their entries into our 'quiz box' throughout the week. 

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Tiffany 12th Feb 2024 Activity Director
So just some clarification how many questions do you do per week. Let's say Monday thru Friday would you do a new questions each day or just one for the week.
Helen 14th Feb 2024 Company Director
Hi Tiffany, we have one quiz/week but we don't worry if people answer one or all of the questions. some of our patients do the whole quiz every week, staff do it with patients, families do it when they come to visit. Usually the questions spark conversations in the lounge.
I will pass any feedback on to the gentleman who wrote this quiz as he is a wants to write more.
Hacienda At 10th Feb 2024 Community Life Director
This is a perfect potluck quiz. Not too simple, not too hard. THANK YOU! More! More! More!
Helen 14th Feb 2024 Company Director
Thankyou Hacienda at, we are really glad you enjoyed the questions.
LaNora 7th Feb 2024 Manager
OMG there is so much to look at and to help me find all kinds of stuff to do with my residents. I am so excited to get started. Thanks for doing this web page.