I have put together few easy(ish) questions about Wales! Also, we have a sing-along at the end of our sessions, so have put Tom Jones, Delilah lyrics on Powerpoint Enjoy!

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Gwyneth 13th Jun 2020 Volunteer
Hello Margaret and Carole just looking through Golden Carers: Welsh Quiz and Sing - a long -for St. Davids Day, 24th February 2019 Carole - and Margaret 27th February 2019, a long time ago, I don't know whether the both of you are still with Golden Carers, -but I was just going to do a Welsh Quiz myself today 13th June 2020, good job I didnt - there was one done already, a very good one too. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of Welsh, being Welsh myself, from the Valleys, and now living in Australia I joined Golden Carers and find it a wonderful website. Although in Australia I still celebrate St Davids Day, with lots of Welsh friends, and we all love our faggots and peas and Welsh Cakes. I have been here for 30 years, and me and my husband run a Welsh Friendship Club, for many years when we first came over - my heart is still in Wales. I worked with the disabled in Wales for many years - but I am volunteering in NSW Australia (30 years) in my late 80's now, and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for making my day . Every time I see a bit of Welsh, I get a bit homesick, lots of memories flash back, better late than never. Perhaps you are using some of my activitiesI I send in to Golden Carers - I send a lot in - Diolch yn fawr iawn Gwyneth
Margaret 27th Feb 2019 Activities
Well as I work in a Day Care facility in Wales and we always celebrate St Davids day..thought I would put this in as an after dinner quiz. We linger around the table after lunch with drinks and have a short quiz / discussion....amazing how much more alert clients are . We do have some good laughs at these sessions. May be due to sitting upright and opposite each other...whatever it seems to work.