10 More Activities for Residents in Isolation

10 More Activities for Residents in Isolation

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Facilitate these activities to support residents in isolation.
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Facilitate these activities to support residents in isolation.

1. Skype
Call or Skype grandchildren for a chat on International Youth Day on August 12. If they are young, you may have a friendly game online like practising opposite words; you say dark and he/she says light etc. If they are older, watch the same movie and then discuss it.
Opposites Word Game

2. Poetry
Listen to Poems online: 50 Classic Poems (1 hour and 30 minutes) - listen over several days.

3. No-Bake Cooking
Prepare some delicious no-bake food snacks together:

  • Cold Skewers - Chunks of pineapple, ham, cheddar cheese and cherry tomatoes
  • Yoghurt Bowls - Yoghurt mixed with crushed toasted nuts and blueberries. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

4. Movies
Watch a movie on Netflix - Touching the Void (a true story) is a great one! Or see if you can get hold of one from this list: 100 Movie Recommendations For Seniors.

5. Sunshine
Sit outdoors (weather permitting) and observe cloud formations and/or listen to birds singing.

6. Terrarium
Start a succulent terrarium

7. Fish Tank
Put together a fish tank and enjoy the tranquillity.

8. Drawing Course
Take a drawing course for beginners on YouTube, free of charge. You will need a sketchbook and an art kit containing:

  • art pencils, 
  • shades of gray markers, 
  • an eraser, 
  • a pencil sharpener,
  • blending stamps. 
  • You may also need some sand paper (optional)

9. Make Photo Albums
Organize old photos into an album. Most people have boxes of forgotten printed photos. Ask residents’ relatives to bring a shoebox of old photos in and an album to arrange them in. Decade-old print photos are precious and worth the effort. It is relaxing entertainment for residents and you can pace yourselves - just one hour at a time will do. Start by dividing the photos into categories: family, friends, celebrations, general.

10. Scrapbook

Create a Recycled Magazine Scrapbook or a Community Scrapbook Quilt.

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