100 Reminiscence Questions

100 Reminiscence Questions

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A big mixture of reminiscence questions. I've found that conversations can lead anywhere so it's helpful to have them altogether in one place for prompts.

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Eleanor 13th Feb 2022
Terrific suggestions - these questions can be utilised for other activities, for example, I plan to ask each participant their nickname - record these on the whiteboard - then hide the answers and use it as a memory game. Great way to engage each participant and then get the brain working to remember them. Also - some may have an interesting story as to how they gained their nickname, which will entertain and help to connect with other participants.
Susan 4th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi Cassie
Thank you for sharing this
It should be helpful to many
Susan 14th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi Eleanor
Thanks for this information